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About us

We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2018

Originally we started  as a dietary requirements sweet company, our goal was the get sweets at an affordable rate so that, regardless of dietary needs you could always afford to treat yourself!

At first we used plastic pouches hoping people would recycle & use them agin and again.

A perfect fit for preserving the world.

Designed to be eco-friendly

We soon realised that not many people were recycling our bags and we stopped using plastic. We now use NatureFlex which is made from renewable wood pulp but looks like plastic. At this same time we also only offered vegan sweets as our offering.

Our sweet selection was now 25% the size it used to be. But we won’t change our ethics for profits.

Simply eco-friendly in design and form

We’re just getting started

As we lead the the race for sweet companies to clean up their act we always improving our operations to avoid plastic.

If a supplier uses plastic we work on new solutions to stop this and if it cannot be done unfortunately our relationship stops there.

The future of our world is in our hands!

Best. Jellies. Ever. We opened our shop in December and Neary’s Sweets are a bestseller- I think half of our customers come in just for them! Always great customer service, and minimal waste packaging, so we’re delighted to work with Neary’s!
I just can’t recommend Nearys Sweets enough. I feel like I’m on a first-name basis with some of the crew, Cameron is just so unbelievably helpful, no matter what the question. Their products are also so beautiful and plastic free to boot.
Laura Gooding
London, UK
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